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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2002 Issue 5

ID Title Authors Year
5574 Artificial neural networks for streamflow prediction
Oscar R. Dolling; Eduardo A. Varas
5575 Logarithmic matching and its applications in computational hydraulics and sediment transport
Junke Guo
5576 Conservation-form equations of unsteady open-channel flow
C. Lai; R.A. Baltzer; R.W. Schaffranek
5577 Two dimensional vertically averaged and moment equations for rapidly varied flows
Haitham K. Ghamry Ph.D.; Peter M. Steffler
5578 Dynamic tracking of flow boundaries in rivers with respect to discharge
Mourad Heniche; Yves Secretan; Paul Boudreau; Michel Leclerc
5579 River bed deformation calculated from boundary shear stress
Andre Paquier; Saeed R. Khodashenas
5580 Roll waves simulation using shallow water equations and Weighted Average Flux method
Barbara Zanuttigh PhD; Alberto Lamberti
5581 A numerical evaluation of air bubbles as a potential explanation to the higher than expected pore pressures in the core of WAC Bennett Dam
Mats Billstein; UrbaN. Svensson
5582 Numerical simulation for the coupled problem of temperature and seepage fields in cold region dams
Lai Yuanming; Liu Songyu; Wu. Ziwang; Wu Yaping; J.M. Konrad
5583 Transient flow in pipe networks
Hossein M. V. Sam Ani; Alireza Khayatzadeh

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