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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2019 Issue 1

ID Title Authors Year
4067 Numerical investigation on the suitability of a fourth-order nonlinear k-ω model for secondary current of second type in open-channels
Mahdad Talebpour; Xiaofeng Liu
4068 Numerical modelling of simultaneous overtopping and seepage flows with application to dike breaching
Shinichiro Onda; Takashi Hosoda; Nenad M. Jaćimović; Ichiro Kimura
4069 Spillway jet regime and total dissolved gas prediction with a multiphase flow model
Yushi Wang; Marcela Politano; Larry Weber
4070 Multiple states in the flow through a sluice gate
Daniele P. Viero; Andrea Defina
4071 Impact of flow variability and sediment characteristics on channel width evolution in laboratory streams
Andrés Vargas-Luna; Alessandra Crosato; Protogene Byishimo; Wim S. J. Uijttewaal
4072 Experimental and theoretical study of bed load particle velocity
Jaeho Shim; Jennifer Duan
4073 Effect of an obstacle on the depositional behaviour of turbidity currents
Ahmadreza Farizan; Sina Yaghoubi; Bahar Firoozabadi; Hossein Afshin
4074 Statistical significance of spatial correlation patterns in armoured gravel beds
Jie Qin; Jochen Aberle; Pierre-Yves Henry; Teng Wu; Deyu Zhong
4075 Evolution of flow structures and pressure fluctuations in the S-shaped region of a pump-turbine
Lin-Sheng Xia; Yong-Guang Cheng; Jian-Dong Yang; Fang Cai
4076 Assessment of two-equation model for simulation of air pocket advancing into a rectangular duct
Hamid Bashiri Atrabi; Takashi Hosoda

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