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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2001 Issue 3

ID Title Authors Year
5692 Interplay between turbulence and periphyton in rough open-channel flow
R. Godillot; B. Caussade; T. Ameziane; J. Capblancq
5693 Solution for spillway flow by finite difference method
Assy Tufim
5694 Developments in unsteady pipe flow friction modelling
Anton Bergant; Angus Ross Simpson; John Vìtkovsk[ygrave]
5695 Regime theory and the stability of straight channels with bankfull and overbank flow
E. M. Valentine; I. A. Benson; C. Nalluri; J. C. Bathurst
5696 Selective bedload transport during the degradation of a well sorted graded sediment bed
Gareth Pender; Trevor B. Hoey; Chris Fuller; Ian K. Mcewan
5697 Stabilising the sediment bed in laboratory flumes
I.A. Benson; E.M. Valentine; C. Nalluri; J.C. Bathurst
5698 Resistance studies of overbank flow in rivers with sediment using the flood channel
Donald W. Knight PhD CEng MICE MCIWEM MASCE; Fenella A. Brown BSc PhD
5699 3D numerical modelling of open-channel flow with submerged vegetation
T. Fischer-Antze; T. Stoesser; P. Bates; N.R.B. Olsen
5700 Influence of boundary roughness on velocity and discharge in compound river channels
W.R.C. Myers; J.F. Lyness; J. Cassells
5701 High-resolution and non-oscillatory solution of the St. Venant equations in non-rectangular and non-prismatic channels
Brett F. Sanders M. IAHR

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