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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2000 Issue 3

ID Title Authors Year
5766 Integrated two-dimensional macrophytes-hydrodynamic modeling
J. Morin; M. Leclerc; Y. Secretan; P. Boudreau
5767 A generalisation of Prandtl's model for 3D open channel flows
W. Czernuszenko; A. A. Rylov
5768 Simulation of transient cavity flows driven by buoyancy and shear
Dragoslav L. Stefanovic; Heinz G. Stefan
5769 Numerical simulation and experimental verification of Dam-Break flows with shocks
F. Aureli Ph.D.; P. Mignosa; M. Tomirotti
5770 Large Eddy Simulation of periodic flow characteristics at river channel confluences
K.F. Bradbrook; S.N. Lane; K.S. Richards; P.M. Biron; A.G. Roy
5771 Evaluation of some approximate Riemann solvers for transient open channel flows
A. T. Delis; C. P. Skeels; S. C. Ryrie
5772 Energy and momentum in one dimensional open channel flow
W.G. Field; M.F. Lambert; B.J. Williams; S. M. Hosseini; D. Bousmar; Y. Zech; Delbert Franz; A. Betamio De Almeida
5773 Editorial Board

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