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Journal of Hydraulic Research 1999 Issue 3

ID Title Authors Year
5826 Riprap at bridge piers Tapis d'enrochements autour des piles de ponts
C. A. Du Arte; J. A. Sáinz
5827 Grain and form resistance in gravel-bed rivers Résistances de grain et de forme dans les rivières à graviers
Robert G. Millar
5828 A theoretical analysis on armouring of river beds Une analyse théorique du pavage du lit des rivières
J. Sieben former Ph.D student
5829 A two-dimensional computational model to simulate suspended sediment transport and bed changes
Reinaldo Garcia-Martinez; Ivan C Saavedra; Beatriz Febres De Power; Eduardo Valera; Carlos Villoria
5830 Large-eddy simulation of flow in a rectangular open channel
J. Shi; T.G. Thomas; J.J.R. Williams
5831 Large flow structures in a turbulent open channel flow
Aldo Tamburrino; John S. Gulliver
5832 A geometrical method for computing the distribution of boundary shear stress across irregular straight open channels
Saeed R. Khodashenas; André Paquier
5833 Finite difference scheme for longitudinal dispersion in open channels
Z. AHMAD; U.C. Kothyari; K.G. Ranga Raju
5834 Application of an acoustic particle flux profiler in particleladen open-channel flow
C. Shen; U. Lemmin
5835 Discussion
Stefano Pagliara

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