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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2018 Issue 5

ID Title Authors Year
4096 Roughness effects on near-wall turbulence modelling for open-channel flows
Meilan Qi; Jinzhao Li; Qigang Chen; Qunfeng Zhang
4097 Three-dimensional modelling of sediment transport under tidal bores in the Qiantang estuary, China
Qiushun Wang; Cunhong Pan
4098 River computations: artificial backwater from the momentum advection scheme
Frank W. Platzek; Guus S. Stelling; Jacek A. Jankowski; Regina Patzwahl; Julie D. Pietrzak
4099 Flow field in shallow reservoir with varying inlet and outlet position
Velia Ferrara; Sébastien Erpicum; Pierre Archambeau; Michel Pirotton; Benjamin Dewals
4100 Front of unimpeded infiltrated sand moving as sediment transport through immobile coarse gravel
Yarko Niño; William Licanqueo; Ciro Janampa; Aldo Tamburrino
4101 Hydrodynamic and morphodynamic sensitivity of a river’s main channel to groyne geometry
Martin Glas; Kurt Glock; Michael Tritthart; Marcel Liedermann; Helmut Habersack
4102 SPHysics simulation of laboratory shallow free surface turbulent flows over a rough bed
Eslam Gabreil; Simon J. Tait; Songdong Shao; Andrew Nichols
4103 A coupled two-dimensional numerical model for rapidly varying flow, sediment transport and bed morphology By Xin Liu, Julio Ángel Infante Sedano and Abdolmajid Mohammadian
Honglu Qian; Chunchen Xia
4104 Closure to “A coupled two-dimensional numerical model for rapidly varying flow, sediment transport and bed morphology” by XIN LIU, JULIO ÁNGEL INFANTE SEDANO and ABDOLMAJID MOHAMMADIAN, J. Hydraulic Res. 53(5), 2015, 609–621
Xin Liu; Julio Ángel Infante Sedano; Abdolmajid Mohammadian
4105 Non-hydrostatic free surface flows by Oscar Castro-Orgaz and Willi H. Hager, Advances in Geophysical and Environmental Mechanics and Mathematics. Berlin, Springer-Verlag, 2017, 696 pp., €207.99, ISBN 978-3-319-47971-2 (online), ISBN 978-3-319-47969-9 (pri
Takashi Hosoda

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