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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2018 Issue 3

ID Title Authors Year
4122 Elevation: a consistent and physically-based framework for classifying streams
Rajan Jha; Panayiotis Diplas
4123 Improvements of series convergence to the rotating-channel flow problem using hydraulic solutions for a parabolic passage
Peter Lundberg; Janek Laanearu
4124 Coherent structures at different contraction ratios caused by two spill-through abutments
Mete Koken
4125 Water flow and sediment transport at open-channel confluences: an experimental study
Saiyu Yuan; Hongwu Tang; Yang Xiao; Xuehan Qiu; Yang Xia
4126 Three-dimensional numerical simulations of local scouring around bridge piers
Yafei Jia; Mustafa Altinakar; M. Sukru Guney
4127 New insight in Francis turbine cavitation vortex rope: role of the runner outlet flow swirl number
Arthur Favrel; Joao Gomes Pereira Junior; Christian Landry; Andres Müller; Christophe Nicolet; François Avellan
4128 Modelling of hyperconcentrated flow in steep-sloped channels
Chien-Hua Chen; Ying-Tien Lin; Hau-Rong Chung; Te-Yung Hsieh; Jinn-Chuang Yang; Jau-Yau Lu
4129 Unconfined lock-exchange gravity currents with variable lock width: laboratory experiments and shallow-water simulations
Valentina Lombardi; Claudia Adduce; Michele La Rocca
4130 Air concentration and velocity downstream of an expanding chute aerator
Shuai Li; Jianmin Zhang; Xiaoqing Chen; Gordon G.D. Zhou
4131 Depth-averaged momentum equation for gravity currents with varying density: coefficient in pressure term
Dubravka Pokrajac; Sara Venuleo; Mário J. Franca

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