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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2017 Issue 4

ID Title Authors Year
4185 Computation of sediment discharge in rivers: the contributions by Levi and Studenitcnikov revisited
Stefania Evangelista; Jelena Govsha; Massimo Greco; Boriss Gjunsburgs
4186 Experimental and numerical simulation of bed load transport over steep slopes
Carmelo Juez; Sandra Soares-Frazao; Javier Murillo; Pilar García-Navarro
4187 Scour in the transition from super- to subcritical flow without a hydraulic jump
Zohre Fakhari; Abdorreza Kabiri-Samani
4188 Numerical embankment breach modelling including seepage flow effects
Christian Volz; Pierre-J. Frank; David F. Vetsch; Willi H. Hager; Robert M. Boes
4189 Fluid–structure interaction in pipe coils during hydraulic transients
D. Ferras; P. A. Manso; D. I. C. Covas; A. J. Schleiss
4190 Maximum transient pressures in a rapidly filling pipeline with entrapped air using a CFD model
Nuno M. C. Martins; Joao N. Delgado; Helena M. Ramos; Dídia I. C. Covas
4191 Three-dimensional transient simulation of a prototype pump-turbine during normal turbine shutdown
Zhongjie Li; Huili Bi; Bryan Karney; Zhengwei Wang; Ze Yao
4192 On the generation of regular long waves in numerical wave flumes based on the particle finite element method
Tiago C. A. Oliveira; Agustín Sanchez-Arcilla; Xavier Gironella; Ole S. Madsen
4193 Propagation and breaking characteristics of solitons and N-wave in fresh water and brine
G. Manoj Kumar; V. Sriram; T. Schlurmann
4194 Performance of the Vectrino Profiler at the sediment–water interface
Kaan Koca; Christian Noss; Christine Anlanger; Andreas Brand; Andreas Lorke

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