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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2017 Issue 2

ID Title Authors Year
4209 A multi-phase particle shifting algorithm for SPH simulations of violent hydrodynamics with a large number of particles
Athanasios Mokos; Benedict D. Rogers; Peter K. Stansby
4210 Three-dimensional hydrodynamic modelling using two-dimensional mesh: application to flows in curved channels
Khouane Meftah
4211 Modelling of the tributary momentum contribution to predict confluence head losses
Stephan Creelle; Laurent Schindfessel; Tom De Mulder
4212 Momentum balance in flows over mobile granular beds: application of double-averaging methodology to DNS data
Bernhard Vowinckel; Vladimir Nikora; Tobias Kempe; Jochen Fröhlich
4213 Spatially-averaged momentum fluxes and stresses in flows over mobile granular beds: a DNS-based study
Bernhard Vowinckel; Vladimir Nikora; Tobias Kempe; Jochen Fröhlich Professor
4214 Time-based failure analysis of compressed riverbank riprap
Mona Jafarnejad; Mário J. Franca; Michael Pfister; Anton J. Schleiss
4215 Effects of compaction on embankment breach due to overtopping
Ali Asghari Tabrizi; Ezzat Elalfy; Mohamed Elkholy; M. Hanif Chaudhry; Jasim Imran
4216 Swirling flow at vertical shaft spillways with circular piano-key inlets
Roya Shemshi; Abdorreza Kabiri-Samani
4217 Effects of inflows on air entrainment in hydraulic jumps below a gate
Masayuki Takahashi; Iwao Ohtsu
4218 The frictional resistance induced by bacterial based biofouling in drainage pipelines
Matthew W. Cowle; Akintunde O. Babatunde; Bettina N. Bockelmann-Evans

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