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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2016 Issue 5

ID Title Authors Year
4243 Hydraulics: science, knowledge, and culture
John D. Fenton
4244 Coherent structures in oscillatory flows within the laminar-to-turbulent transition regime for smooth and rough walls
Anna Mujal-Colilles; Kenneth T. Christensen; Allen Bateman; Marcelo H. Garcia
4245 A model of the free surface dynamics of shallow turbulent flows
Andrew Nichols; Simon J. Tait; Kirill V. Horoshenkov; Simon J. Shepherd
4246 Characteristics of mean flow and turbulence statistics of depth-limited flows with submerged vegetation in a rectangular open-channel
Sung-Uk Choi; Hyeongsik Kang
4247 Entrainment and mixing in unsteady gravity currents
Luisa Ottolenghi; Claudia Adduce; Roberto Inghilesi; Vincenzo Armenio; Federico Roman
4248 Longitudinal dispersion coefficient in ice-covered rivers
Yongcan Chen; Zhigang Wang; Dejun Zhu; Zhaowei Liu
4249 GIS-based channel flow and sediment transport simulation using CCHE1D coupled with AnnAGNPS
Dayong Shen; Yafei Jia; Mustafa Altinakar; Ronald L. Bingner
4250 Optical flow estimation in aerated flows
Daniel B. Bung; Daniel Valero
4251 Energy conservation properties of Ritter solution for idealized dam break flow
Benjamin Dewals; Martin Bruwier; Sébastien Erpicum; Michel Pirotton; Pierre Archambeau
4252 A new approach for the prediction of speed-adjusted pump efficiency curves
Bernardete Coelho; António G. Andrade-Campos

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