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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2016 Issue 3

ID Title Authors Year
4264 Flow–vegetation interactions: length-scale of the “monami” phenomenon
Takaaki Okamoto; Iehisa Nezu; Michio Sanjou
4265 Flow structure at a confluence: experimental data and the bluff body analogy
Horacio S. Herrero; Carlos M. García; Francisco Pedocchi; Guillermo López; Ricardo N. Szupiany; Cecilia E. Pozzi-Piacenza
4266 An efficient GPU implementation for a faster simulation of unsteady bed-load transport
Carmelo Juez; Asier Lacasta; Javier Murillo; Pilar García-Navarro
4267 Development of roll-waves in power-law fluids with non-uniform initial conditions
Francesca Campomaggiore; Cristiana Di Cristo; Michele Iervolino; Andrea Vacca
4268 Calculation of oil droplet size distribution in an underwater oil well blowout
Indrajith D. Nissanka; Poojitha D. Yapa
4269 Numerical and experimental investigation of a cross-flow water turbine
Vincenzo Sammartano; Gabriele Morreale; Marco Sinagra; Tullio Tucciarelli
4270 An improved affinity model to enhance variable operating strategy for pumps used as turbines
Oreste Fecarotta; Armando Carravetta; Helena M. Ramos; Riccardo Martino
4271 A probabilistic projection of the transient flow equations with random system parameters and internal boundary conditions
Ahmed M. A. Sattar
4272 Numerical solutions of quasi-two-dimensional models for laminar water hammer problems
Ming Zhao
4273 Hans Albert Einstein – his life as a pioneering engineer
David W. Hendricks

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