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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2016 Issue 2

ID Title Authors Year
4274 Velocity distributions in laminar and turbulent vegetated flows
Junke Guo; Jianmin Zhang
4275 Numerical simulation of turbulent exchange flow in aquatic canopies
Maria Tsakiri; Panayotis Prinos; Theoharris Koftis
4276 Local time stepping applied to mixed flow modelling
Susanna Dazzi; Andrea Maranzoni; Paolo Mignosa
4277 Entrainment of single particles in a turbulent open-channel flow: a numerical study
Bernhard Vowinckel; Ramandeep Jain; Tobias Kempe; Jochen Fröhlich
4278 Local scour at submerged weirs in sand-bed channels
Dawei Guan; Bruce Melville; Heide Friedrich
4279 Local wave speed and bulk flow viscosity in Francis turbines at part load operation
Christian Landry; Arthur Favrel; Andres Müller; Christophe Nicolet; François Avellan
4280 Experimental investigation and performance analysis of Archimedes screw generator
Guilhem Dellinger; Abdelali Terfous; Pierre-Andre Garambois; Abdellah Ghenaim
4281 Experimental verification of pipeline frequency response extraction and leak detection using the inverse repeat signal
Jinzhe Gong; Martin F. Lambert; Aaron C. Zecchin; Angus R. Simpson
4282 Air entrainment onset in skimming flows on steep stepped spillways: an analysis
Shangtuo Qian; Jianhua Wu; Fei Ma
4283 Closure to “Air entrainment onset in skimming flows on steep stepped spillways: an analysis” by I. C. MEIRELES, F. A. BOMBARDELLI and J. MATOS, J. Hydraulic. Res. 52(3), 2014, 375–385
Inês C. Meireles; Fabián A. Bombardelli; J. Matos

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