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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2016 Issue 1

ID Title Authors Year
4297 Smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) for free-surface flows: past, present and future
Damien Violeau; Benedict D. Rogers
4298 SPH-DEM model for free-surface flows containing solids applied to river ice jams
Daniel M. Robb; Susan J. Gaskin; Jean-Christophe Marongiu
4299 Effect of forecasted typhoon track uncertainties on storm surge predictions for the coast of Shanghai
Xiu-Ji Zhang; De-Guan Wang; Xi-Jun Lai; Huai-Hui Song
4300 Unsteady pressure measurements on the runner of a Kaplan turbine during load acceptance and load rejection
Kaveh Amiri; Berhanu Mulu; Mehrdad Raisee; Michel J. Cervantes
4301 Modelling and optimization of the velocity profiles at the draft tube inlet of a Francis turbine within an operating range
Tiberiu Ciocan; Romeo F. Susan-Resiga; Sebastian Muntean
4302 Entry flow in curved pipes: turbulent boundary layer approach
SK Zeeshan Ali; Subhasish Dey
4303 Wave diffraction and radiation by multiple rectangular floaters
Siming Zheng; Yongliang Zhang

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