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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2015 Issue 6

ID Title Authors Year
4304 Aquatic vegetation – a primer for hydrodynamic specialists
Matthew T. O'Hare
4305 DANS model for vegetated open channel flows
Chi-Wai Li; Jiajia Li
4306 Parameterizing suspended canopy effects in a three-dimensional hydrodynamic model
Fearghal O'Donncha; Michael Hartnett; David R. Plew
4307 Numerical modelling of longitudinal dispersion in tidal flows with submerged vegetation
Jun Huang; Xiaofeng Zhang; Vivien P. Chua
4308 Thermal-hydraulic characteristics of stratified shear flow in braided rivers
Li Gu; Qiulan Li; Zulin Hua; Lanlan Wang; Hang Yuan
4309 Effects of hydropeaking on the hydrodynamics of a stratified reservoir: the Rapel Reservoir case study
Germán Ibarra; Alberto de la Fuente; Manuel Contreras
4310 Experimental study of the flow structures of 3D turbulent offset jets
Baafour Nyantekyi-Kwakye; Mark F. Tachie; Shawn P. Clark; Jarrod Malenchak; Getnet Y. Muluye
4311 Theoretical and experimental study on the vortex at hydraulic intakes
Hongliang Sun; Yakun Liu
4312 Predicting wave loads on adjacent cylinder arrays with a 3D model
Chen Yang; Ying Liu; Changgen Liu
4313 On validating predictions of plant motion in coupled biomechanical-flow models
Timothy I. Marjoribanks; Richard J. Hardy; Daniel R. Parsons

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