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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2015 Issue 3

ID Title Authors Year
4344 Field Measurements of Unsteady Turbulence in a Tidal Bore: the Garonne River in October 2013
David Reungoat; Hubert Chanson; Claire E. Keevil
4345 Surface roughness effects on separated and reattached turbulent flow in open channel
Afua A. Ampadu-Mintah; Mark F. Tachie
4346 New methods for ADV measurements of turbulent sediment fluxes – application to a fine sediment plume
Boudewijn Decrop; Tom De Mulder; Erik Toorman; Marc Sas
4347 Vertical sorting process under oscillatory sheet flow condition by resolved discrete particle model
Eiji Harada; Hitoshi Gotoh; Naoki Tsuruta
4348 Depth-averaged model for undular hydraulic jump
Oscar Castro-Orgaz; Willi H. Hager; Subhasish Dey
4349 Changes to flow and turbulence caused by different concentrations of fish in a circular tank
David R. Plew; Pascal Klebert; Trond W. Rosten; Stian Aspaas; Jens Birkevold
4350 Automatic swirl angle measurements for pump intake design
Anton de Fockert; Jos M.C. van ‘t Westende; Femke I.H. Verhaart
4351 Experimental determination of free surface levels at open-channel junctions
Márcia Maria Lara Pinto Coelho
4352 Hydraulic design of baffles in disinfection contact tanks
Zachary H. Taylor; Jeremy S. Carlston; Subhas Karan Venayagamoorthy
4353 Semi-analytical model for temporal clear-water scour at prototype piers
Silvio Franzetti; Alessio Radice

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