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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2015 Issue 1

ID Title Authors Year
4371 Field-based research in fluvial hydraulics: potential, paradigms and challenges
Alexander N. Sukhodolov
4372 In situ spatially distributed field measurements of transverse dispersion of a wastewater effluent in an extended natural meandering river
Abolghasem Pilechi; Colin D. Rennie; Abdolmajid Mohammadian; David Z. Zhu
4373 Variable Shields number model for river bankfull geometry: bankfull shear velocity is viscosity-dependent but grain size-independent
Chuan Li; Matthew J. Czapiga; Esther C. Eke; Enrica Viparelli; Gary Parker
4374 Effect of suction zone length on sediment transport
Deping Cao; Yee-Meng Chiew; Xiaoxie Liu
4375 Impact of sediment transport formulations on breaching modelling
Sylvie Van Emelen; Yves Zech; Sandra Soares-Frazão
4376 Turbulent velocity distribution with dip phenomenon in conic open channels
Junke Guo; Amin Mohebbi; Yuan Zhai; Shawn P. Clark
4377 Turbulence behaviour investigation in transient flows
Hamid Shamloo; Maryam Mousavifard
4378 Supercritical flow in circular conduit bends
Milena Kolarevic; Ljubodrag Savic; Radomir Kapor; Nikola Mladenovic
4379 Plunge pool dynamic pressures: a temporal analysis in the nappe flow case
Luis G. Castillo; José M. Carrillo; Antonio Blázquez
4380 Modelling coastal water waves using a depth-integrated, non-hydrostatic model with shock-capturing ability
Kezhao Fang; Zhongbo Liu; Zhili Zou

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