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International Journal of River Basin Management 2016 Issue 2

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ID Title Authors Year
17984 Comparison of various types of biomedia in river water treatment using attached growth activated sludge process
Hidayah Basri; Gasim Hayder; Hairun Aishah Mohiyaden; Lariyah Mohd Sidek; Chow Ming Fai
17985 Development of river water quality management using fuzzy techniques: a review
M. A. Malek; N. H. Azman; W. M. Faizal; M. Yusoff; Siti Fatimah Che Osmi
17986 Contesting detrimental dams: a case study from southern Brazil
Leandro E. Miranda; Robertson F. De Azevedo; Luiz C. Gomes
17987 Multi-decadal and multi-centennial variability in Colorado River streamflow
Reza Namdar Ghanbari; Sajad Ahmad Hamidi
17988 Forty years' channel change on the Yongdinghe River, China: patterns and causes
Lei Zhang; Shuying Guo; Shanlong Lu; Jihua Meng; Guoqing Wang; Lanchi Fan
17989 Flow and scour pattern around submerged and non-submerged T-shaped spur dikes in a 90° bend using the SSIIM model
Parisa Radan; Mohammad Vaghefi
17990 Use of ladderways in fragmented habitat to aid the movement of Japanese giant salamander (Andrias japonicus)
Masanori Isono; Tomohiro Omura; Katsuyuki Koga; Md H. Rashid; Yoichi Takahashi; Animesh Sarkar; Takashi Asaeda
17991 Implications of cascading effects for the EU Floods Directive
Gianluca Pescaroli; Michael Nones
17992 Sediment management studies of a run-of-the-river hydroelectric project using numerical and physical model simulations
T. I. Eldho; Neena Isaac
17993 Homogeneity and trends in long-term rainfall data, Kelantan River Basin, Malaysia
Hiroyuki Tosaka; Faizah Che Ros; Hidayah Basri; Lariyah Mohd Sidek

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