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International Journal of River Basin Management 2016 Issue 4

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ID Title Authors Year
18005 Geochemistry of river suspended sediments in tropical watersheds: anthropogenic and granite-gneiss sources, SE Brazil
Vitor Schwenck Brandao; Jose Luiz Mantovano; Carla Semiramis Silveira; Alfredo Victor Bellido Bernedo
18006 Comparison of the analytical performance of EDXRF and FAAS techniques in the determination of metal species concentrations using protocol 3050B (USEPA)
Ana Paula Munaro; Arci Dirceu Wastowski; Cristiano Poleto; Paulo Roberto Bairros Da Silva; Danielle Caroline Schnitzler; Cleyton Nascimento Makara
18007 Relationship between turbidity and suspended sediment concentration from a small hydrographic basin in Santa Maria (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)
Joao Eduardo Da Silva Pereira; Lais Coelho Teixeira; Joao Batista Dias De Paiva; Roberta De Moura Lisboa
18008 Susceptibility to rill erosion of a 12-year-old soil reconstructed after coal mining
Elemar Antonino Cassol; Bruno Predebon Da Silva; Miguel Licks Pandolfo; Joelma Divina Murliki; Luis Fernando Da Silva
18009 Sedimentological characteristics and geochemistry of lake waters of the Rio Grande basin, west of Bahia State (Brazil)
Gisele Barbosa Dos Santos; Paulo De Tarso Amorim Castro
18010 Sand quarrying activities in an alluvial reach of Damodar River, Eastern India: towards a geomorphic assessment
Narayan Chandra Jana; Ritendu Mukhopadhyay; Sujay Bandyopadhyay; Prasanta Kumar Ghosh
18011 Assessment of suspended sediment discharge in the Purus River basin, Brazil
Marcelo Latuf; Eufran Amaral
18012 Antibiotic resistance in E. coli isolated in effluent from a wastewater treatment plant and sediments in receiver body
Fernando Periotto; Ismael Laurindo Costa Jr; Adelmo Lowe Pletsch; Thiara Reis Lopes
18013 Groundwater depletion in the Indus Plains of Pakistan: imperatives, repercussions and management issues
Amin William Mugera; Muhammad Arif Watto
18014 Detecting heavy metal pollution of floodplain vegetation in a pot experiment using reflectance spectroscopy
Cornelia Glasser; Andras Jung; Christian Gotze

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