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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2014 Issue 6

ID Title Authors Year
4383 John Fisher Kennedy – student and statesman of hydraulic engineering
Robert Ettema; Tatsuaki Nakato
4384 Aquatic interfaces: a hydrodynamic and ecological perspective
Andrea Marion; Vladimir Nikora; Sara Puijalon; Tjeerd Bouma; Katinka Koll; Francesco Ballio; Simon Tait; Mattia Zaramella; Alexander Sukhodolov; Matthew O'Hare; Geraldene Wharton; Jochen Aberle; Matteo Tregnaghi; Peter Davies; Heidi Nepf; Gary Parker; Ber
4385 Application of computational fluid dynamic modelling to improve flow and grit transport in Terrence J. O'Brien Water Reclamation Plant, Chicago, Illinois
Som Dutta; Talia E. Tokyay; Yovanni A. Cataño-Lopera; Sergio Serafino; Marcelo H. Garcia
4386 High-resolution numerical modelling of flow—vegetation interactions
Timothy I. Marjoribanks; Richard J. Hardy; Stuart N. Lane; Daniel R. Parsons
4387 Flow and force-balance relations in a natural channel with bank vegetation
Sam Gorrick; José F. Rodríguez
4388 Inverse estimation of distributed roughness coefficients in vegetated flooded rivers
Keisuke Yoshida; Shiro Maeno
4389 On the Reynolds number sensitivity of smoothed particle hydrodynamics
Michael Meister; Gregor Burger; Wolfgang Rauch
4390 Analysis of the artificial viscosity in the smoothed particle hydrodynamics modelling of regular waves
Diana De Padova; Robert A. Dalrymple; Michele Mossa
4391 Numerical investigation of flow in pool-and-weir fishways using a meshless particle method
Tibing Xu; Yee-Chung Jin
4392 Optimization of ADV sampling strategies using DNS of turbulent flow
Vicente G. Gil Montero; Martín Romagnoli; Carlos M. García; Mariano I. Cantero; Graciela Scacchi

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