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International Journal of River Basin Management 2017 Issue 3

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ID Title Authors Year
18040 Implementing streambank erosion control measures in meandering streams: design procedure enhanced with numerical modelling
A. N. Thanos Papanicolaou; Mohamed Elhakeem; Christopher G. Wilson
18041 A revisit of different models for flow resistance in gravel-bed rivers and hydraulic flumes
Juey Sui; Todd Whitcombe; Mohammad Reza Namaee
18042 An integrated modelling framework for building a daily river system model for the Murray–Darling Basin, Australia
Dushmanta Dutta; Shaun Kim; Jai Vaze; Geoff Podger; Ang Yang
18043 Integrated modelling with environmental parameters for aquatic system assessment: a case study on the Ghare-Bagh drainage, Iran
Elham Bikineh; Behnan Keshavarzi; Abdollah Kavousi-Fard; Vahideh Sheykhi; Farid Moore
18044 Estimating the shear force carried by walls in rough rectangular channels using a new approach based on the radial basis function method
Ali Akbar Akhtari; Hossein Bonakdari; Amir Hossein Zaji; Zohreh Sheikh Khozani
18045 Methods to control bed erosion at 90° river confluence: an experimental study
Ananth Wuppukondur; Venu Chandra
18046 Optimal prediction of lateral velocity distribution in compound channels
A. Zahiri; S. Sharifi; X. Tang
18047 Hydrochemical characterization of surface water in the Babar watershed (Algeria) using environmetric techniques and time series analysis
Abderrahmane Boudoukha; Abderrahmane Boumezbeur; Aissam Gaagai; Lahcen Benaabidate
18048 Assessment of flow field and sediment flux at alpine desanding facilities
D. F. Vetsch; J. N. Fernandes; C. Paschmann; R. M. Boes
18049 Assessment of river water quality and ecological diversity through multivariate statistical techniques, and earth observation dataset of rivers Ghaghara and Gandak, India
D. N. Shukla; Dharmveer Singh; Sudhir Kumar Singh; Harendra Singh

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