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International Journal of River Basin Management 2017 Issue 4

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ID Title Authors Year
18052 A hybrid method for forecasting river-suspended sediments in Iran
Alireza Tavakoli Targhi; Sadegh Abbaszadeh; Zeinab Arabasadi
18053 An overview of hydro-sedimentological characteristics of intermittent rivers in Kabul region of Kabul river basin
N. Sadid; S. Wieprecht; S. Haun
18054 Managing adaptation: international donors’ influence on international river basin organizations in Southern Africa
Sabine Blumstein
18055 Advances and approaches in river sediment research
Benoit Camenen; Stefan Haun; Tetsuya Sumi
18056 Scenario-based decision support for an integrated management of water resources
Niko E. C. Verhoest; Enyew Adgo; Jean Poesen; Mekete Dessie; Jan Nyssen
18057 Study of water resources management plans as a tool for integrated watershed management
Guilherme Junqueira Jeronimo; Marylia Duarte Batista; Patricia Diniz Martins; Cristiano Poleto
18058 Uncertainty analysis of settling, consolidation and resuspension of cohesive sediments in the Upper Rhine
Gudrun Hillebrand; Thomas Hoffmann; Markus Noack
18059 Heavy metal monitoring and health risk assessment of a tropical mountainous river in Kerala, India
Prince George; Sheela A. Moses; Sabu Joseph
18060 Measuring suspended sediments in periglacial reservoirs using water samples, laser in-situ scattering and transmissometry and acoustic Doppler current profiler
Lukas Schmocker; Michael Doering; Robert M. Boes; David F. Vetsch; Daniel Ehrbar
18061 A message from the Editor-in-Chief, James Ball
James Ball

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