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International Journal of River Basin Management 2019 Issue 1

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ID Title Authors Year
18107 Evaluation of the laser diffraction method for the measurement of suspended sediment concentration in Mogi-Guaçu reservoir (São Paulo, Brazil)
Frederico Fabio Mauad; Joao Marcos Villela; Marcus Vinicius Estigoni; Bruno Bernardo Dos Santos; Renato Billia De Miranda
18108 Influence of bridge pier shape on flow field and scour geometry
N. Ahmad; B. S. Mazumder; B. A. Vijayasree; T. I. Eldho
18109 Analysis of the water–energy nexus in central Oum Er-Rbia sub-basin – Morocco
Dalila Loudyi; Mounia El Azhari
18110 Redistribution of flow velocity in sharp bends using unsubmerged vanes
Jalil Abrishami; Ehsan Bahrami Jovein; Seyed Mohammad Ghaneeizad; Joseph F. Atkinson
18111 Suspended sediment yield transportation by rivers of the Kamchatsky Krai into the Pacific Ocean, the sea of Okhotsk and the Bering Sea
N. I. Alexeevsky; L. V. Kuksina
18112 Clear-water scour at submerged pile groups
Gonzalo Simarro; Cristina Fael; Antonio H. Cardoso; Alvaro Galan
18113 Bio-assessment of River Ujh using benthic macro-invertebrates as bioindicators, India
Virender Singh; M. P. Sharma; Saurabh Mishra; Shailendra Sharma
18114 The influence of spring and neap tide on salt intrusion and stratification in Sebou estuary (Morocco)
Imad Baimik; Hamid Marah; Soufiane Haddout; Abdellatif Maslouhi; Bouchaib Magrane; Mohammed Igouzal
18115 Hydrostatistical study of the Paraná and Uruguay Rivers
Melanie Meis; Maria Paula Llano
18116 Computation of hourly sediment discharges and annual sediment yields by means of two soil erosion models in a mountainous basin
K. Kaffas; V. Hrissanthou

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