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International Journal of River Basin Management 2020 Issue 3

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ID Title Authors Year
18171 Epilimnion and metalimnion thermal water temperature variables in Moroccan’s Lakes using a one-dimensional fresh-water lake model
Hind Azidane; Amine Essaidi; Rachid Karra; Mohamed Ait Guennoun; Soufiane Haddout; Hamid Qanza
18172 River sensitivity and sediment connectivity as tools for assessing future geomorphic channel behavior
Peyton E. Lisenby; Kirstie A. Fryirs; Chris J. Thompson
18173 Manning's roughness coefficient for ecological subsurface channel with modules
Muhammad Kashfy Zainalfikry; Reza Mohammadpour; Aminuddin Ab. Ghani; Nor Azazi Zakaria; Ngai Weng Chan
18174 Spatial total load rating curve for a large river: a case study of the Tigris River at Baghdad
Nadhir A. Al-Ansari; Ammar A. Ali; Sven Knutsson; Qusay Al-Suhail
18175 A remote sensing-based evaluation of an ungauged drainage basin in Southwestern Nigeria
Adedayo Oreoluwa Adewole; Adebayo Oluwole Eludoyin
18176 Hydraulic characteristics of flow through angled baffle-plates in an open channel
C. V. Liow; C. H. J. Bong
18177 Analysis of flow at the vicinity of vegetation stems in the floodplain of a compound open channel
Mahmood Javan; Alireza Keshavarzi; Homayoun Ad; Moslem Sohrabi
18178 Enhancement of a numerical model system for reliably predicting morphological development in the Saalach River
Markus Reisenbuchler; Daniel Skublics; Minh Duc Bui; Peter Rutschmann
18179 Pre-modelling as a tool for optimizing morphodynamical numerical simulations
Rodrigo Maia; Bruno Oliveira
18180 Effect of the ski jump bucket angle on the scour hole downstream of a converging stepped spillway
E. Carvalho; L. Sa Machado; R. Aleixo; M. M. C. L. Lima

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