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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2020 Issue 4

ID Title Authors Year
18192 Computational fluid dynamics for sub-atmospheric pressure analysis in pipe drainage
Oscar Enrique Coronado-Hernandez; Helena Margarida Ramos; Vicente Samuel Fuertes-Miquel; Maria Teresa Viseu; Mohsen Besharat
18193 Laboratory study on wood accumulation probability at bridge piers
Isabella Schalko; Lukas Schmocker; Robert M. Boes; Volker Weitbrecht
18194 A conceptual model of vehicles stability in flood flows
Luca Milanesi; Marco Pilotti
18195 Transverse surface waves in steady uniform and non-uniform flows through an array of emergent and slightly submerged square cylinders
Sebastien Proust; Saadia Benmamar; Meriem Chetibi
18196 Layer-averaged numerical study on effect of Reynolds number on turbidity currents
Peng Hu; Junyu Tao; Wei Li; Zhiguo He
18197 The effect of the inlet/outlet width ratio on the discharge of piano key weirs
Shanshan Li; Guodong Li; Yuan Hu
18198 Numerical investigation of the behaviour of jets in a wave environment
Stefano Sibilla; Michele Mossa; Diana De Padova
18199 Double-averaged kinetic energy budgets in flows over mobile granular beds: insights from DNS data analysis
Mark Stewart; Vladimir Nikora; Christopher Gibbins; Konstantinos Papadopoulos; Stuart Cameron; Bernhard Vowinckel; Ramandeep Jain; Jochen Frohlich
18200 Turbulence statistics of flow causing scour around circular and oblong piers
B. A. Vijayasree; T. I. Eldho; B. S. Mazumder
18201 Experimental and numerical simulation of bidirectional propagation of an air cavity
Bryan Karney; Takashi Hosoda; Hamid Bashiri; Hidekazu Shirai

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