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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2020 Issue 6

ID Title Authors Year
18217 Statistical analysis methods for transient flows – the dam-break case
Hubert Chanson
18218 Performance comparison of two similar pontoons as floating breakwater using a spectral approach based on an experiment in regular waves
Seyyed Mohammad Reza Tabatabaei; Hamid Zeraatgar
18219 Offset height effect on turbulent characteristics of twin surface jets
Mark F. Tachie; Mohammad S. Rahman
18220 The hydraulic performance of the storm chamber in a new manhole designed for separate sewer systems
Rafid Alkhaddar; Alaa Abbas; Robert Andoh; Felicity Ruddock; Glynn Rothwell; Iacopo Carnacina
18221 Computational simulation of round thermal jets in an ambient cross flow using a large-scale hydrodynamic model
Daniela Malcangio; Mouldi Ben Meftah; Michele Mossa; Alan Cuthbertson
18222 Experimental and numerical study of flood in a river-network-floodplain set-up
Vijay Kisan Mali; Soumendra Nath Kuiry
18223 Discharge coefficient of hydrofoil weirs based on potential flow theory around a symmetric Joukowsky hydrofoil
Elham Bahman; Mohammad Navid Moghim; Abdorreza Kabiri-Samani
18224 Acoustic sampling effects on bedload quantification using acoustic Doppler current profilers
Colin D. Rennie; Massimo Guerrero; Axel Winterscheid; Slaven Conevski; Nils Ruther
18225 Revisiting hysteresis of flow variables in monitoring unsteady streamflows
Kyutae Lee; Dongsu Kim; Ciprian Bacotiu; Zhengyang Cheng; Marcela Rojas Oliveros; Felipe Quintero; Marian Muste
18226 Statistical analysis methods for transient flows – the dambreak case
Rui Aleixo; Sandra Soares-Frazao; Yves Zech

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