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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2021 Issue 3

ID Title Authors Year
18259 Mean flow and turbulence characteristics around single-arm instream structures
Craig Hill; Ali Khosronejad; Fotis Sotiropoulos; Seokkoo Kang
18260 Experimental analysis of the water consumption effect on the dynamic behaviour of a real pipe network
Bruno Brunone; Stefano Alvisi; Silvia Meniconi; Valentina Marsili; Marco Franchini
18261 Numerical modelling of seepage through earthen dams with animal burrows: a case study
Melih Calamak; M. Hanif Chaudhry; Lindsey A. Larocque
18262 Experimental analysis for self-cleansing open channel design
Mir Jafar Sadegh Safari; Hafzullah Aksoy
18263 Hydraulic and turbulent flow characteristics beneath a simulated partial ice-cover
Shawn P. Clark; Ebenezer E. Essel; Mark F. Tachie; Karen Dow; Baafour Nyantekyi-Kwakye
18264 Statistical characterization of unworked and water-worked gravel-bed roughness structures
Roberto Gaudio; Subhasish Dey; Ellora Padhi; Nadia Penna
18265 Air demand prediction and air duct design optimization method for spillway tunnel
Xiaoqun Wang; Jijian Lian; Dongming Liu
18266 Influences of runner blade shape on the transient behaviours of pump-turbines in load rejection
Lin-Sheng Xia; Hu Li; Chun-Ze Zhang
18267 Modelling of stem-scale turbulence and sediment suspension in vegetated flow
Hong Zhang; Ming Chen; Shuguang Liu; Sha Lou; Gangfeng Ma; Guihui Zhong
18268 Influence of erosion on piping in terms of field conditions
Gijs Hoffmans

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