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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2021 Issue 4

ID Title Authors Year
18271 Leak detection method using energy dissipation model in a pressurized pipeline
Naritaka Kubo; Issaku Azechi; Yohei Asada; Toshiaki Iida; Masaomi Kimura
18272 Modelling transverse solute mixing across a vegetation generated shear layer
Patrick O. West; Virginia R. Stovin; James R. Hart; Ian Guymer; Frederick C. Sonnenwald; Stephen G. Wallis
18273 An unstructured finite-volume semi-coupled projection model for bed load sediment transport in shallow-water flows
Reymundo Itza Balam; Kim Dan Nguyen; Lucia Gamboa Salazar; Miguel Uh Zapata
18274 Numerical modelling of the water surface movement with macroscopic particles of dam break flow for various obstacles
Alibek Issakhov; Medina Imanberdiyeva
18275 Flow condition identification and discharge calibration for submerged radial gates
Xin-Lei Guo; Yong-Xin Guo; Jia-Zhen Li; Tao Wang; Yi-Sen Wang; Hui Fu
18276 3D CFD analysis of the performance of oblique and composite side weirs in converging channels
Massimo Tomirotti; Andrea Maranzoni
18277 A bottom mounted wavemaker in water wave flumes
Ghader Rezazadeh; Peyman Badiei; Rasoul Shabani; Saeed Mahjouri
18278 Numerical modelling of solitary wave and structure interactions using level-set and immersed boundary methods by adopting adequate inlet boundary conditions
Elaheh Bagherizadeh; Saeed Moghimi; Ali Farhadzadeh; Ali Khosronejad; Dionysios Angelidis; Zexia Zhang; Mahsa Ghazian Arabi
18279 A multi-parameter design formula for riprap size selection at wing-wall abutments
Hao Wu; George Constantinescu; Jie Zeng
18280 Airborne Feature Matching Velocimetry for surface flow measurements in rivers
Danxun Li; Liekai Cao; Volker Weitbrecht; Martin Detert

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