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Journal of Ecohydraulics 2017 Issue 1

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ID Title Authors Year
20054 Position choice and swimming costs of juvenile Atlantic salmon salmo salar in turbulent flow
M. A. Wilkes; A. T. Silva; E. C. Enders; M. Acreman; I. Maddock
20055 Would a manuscript by Archimedes be within the scope of the Journal of Ecohydraulics?
Christos Katopodis; Paul S. Kemp
20056 Challenges for determining frequency of high flow spells for varying thresholds in environmental flows programmes
Alysson M. Costa; Joanna M. Szemis; Simranjit Kaur; Rory Nathan; Michael J. Stewardson; J. Angus Webb; Avril Horne
20057 The effects of horizontally and vertically oriented baffles on flow structure and ascent performance of upstream-migrating fish
Theodore Castro-Santos; Eva C. Enders; R. W. Jay Lacey
20058 Evaluating riverine hydrokinetic turbine operations relative to the spatial ecology of wild fishes
Eric Bibeau; Steven J. Cooke; Lee F. G. Gutowsky; Daniel P. Struthers; Eva Enders; Doug Watkinson; Karen Smokorowski
20059 Microhabitat competition between Iberian fish species and the endangered Jucar nase (Parachondrostoma arrigonis; Steindachner, 1866)
Rafael Munoz-Mas; Juan Diego Alcaraz-Hernandez; Francisco Martinez-Capel; Rui Manuel Soares Costa
20060 Is there evidence for flow variability as an organism-level stressor in fluvial fish?
S. J. Cooke; C. Katopodis; R. J. Lennox; M. J. Costa

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