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Journal of Ecohydraulics 2019 Issue 1

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ID Title Authors Year
20079 A trap-and-haul fishway for upstream transfers of migrating fish at a challenging dam site
John H. Harris; Brent Mefford; Kris S. Pitman; David T. Roberts; Steven O’Brien
20080 Global Advances in Fish Passage Research and Practice
No Authors
20081 A cautionary tale about the potential impacts of gated culverts on fish passage restoration efforts
Craig Boys; Matthew Barwick; Douangkham Singhanouvong; Tim Marsden; Jarrod Mcpherson; Garry Thorncraft; Lee J. Baumgartner; Oudom Phonekhampeng; Ivor Stuart; Wayne Robinson; Kate Martin; Nathan Ning
20082 Fish passage hydrodynamics: insights into overcoming migration challenges for small-bodied fish
Heide Friedrich; Cindy Baker; John Montgomery; Morten Knapp; Colin Whittaker; Paul Franklin
20083 Novel fishway entrance modifications for Pacific lamprey
Matthew L. Keefer; Siena Lopez-Johnston; Christopher C. Caudill; Kinsey E. Frick; Mary L. Moser; Steve C. Corbett
20084 Global advances in fish passage research and practice
Lee J. Baumgartner; Luiz G. M. Silva
20085 Water infrastructure and the migrations of amphidromous species: impacts and research requirements
Matt G. Jarvis; Gerard P. Closs
20086 Fish passage developments for small-bodied tropical fish: field case-studies lead to technology improvements
Tim Marsden; Ivor Stuart

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