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Journal of Ecohydraulics 2019 Issue 2

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ID Title Authors Year
20087 Impact assessment of climate change on environmental flow component and water temperature—Kikuchi River
Tatsuro Sato; Yukihiro Shimatani; Reihaneh Morid
20088 Remote sensing of tracer dye concentrations to support dispersion studies in river channels
Carl J. Legleiter; Paul J. Kinzel; Jonathan M. Nelson; Richard R. Mcdonald; Donghae Baek; Ryan L. Perroy; Il Won Seo
20089 Flow interactions with an aquatic macrophyte: a field study using stereoscopic particle image velocimetry
K. Papadopoulos; M. T. O’Hare; S. M. Cameron; S. Fraser; M. Kucher; H. J. Biggs; C. N. Gibbins; D. Vettori; V. I. Nikora; M. Savio; D. M. Hicks; M. Stewart
20090 International contributions in advancing ecohydraulics
Norio Tanaka; Shinji Fukuda; Takashi Asaeda; Keiko Muraoka; Yoichi Yasuda; Ryota Tsubaki
20091 Long-term changes in riparian forest cover under a dam-induced flow scheme: the accompanying a numerical modelling perspective
Bhagya Nallaperuma; Takashi Asaeda
20092 International contributions in advancing ecohydraulics
No Authors
20093 Advancing ecohydraulics and ecohydrology by clarifying the role of their component interdisciplines
Valerie Ouellet; Marie-Pierre Gosselin; John Nestler; Atle Harby
20094 Artificial fishways and their performances in China’s regulated river systems: a historical synthesis
Giri Kattel; Mengzhen Xu; Zhongjing Wang; Jinlong Liu
20095 Habitat evaluation for the endangered fish species Lefua echigonia in the Yagawa River, Japan
Y. Matsuzawa; M. De-Miguel-Gallo; S. Aihara; F. Martinez-Capel; S. Fukuda; R. Munoz-Mas

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