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Journal of Ecohydraulics 2020 Issue 1

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ID Title Authors Year
20096 The effect of instream logs on bank erosion potential: a flume study with multiple logs
I. D. Rutherfurd; M. Ghisalberti; N. Zhang
20097 Laboratory testing of an innovative tube fishway concept
William L. Peirson; Stefan Felder; John H. Harris; Richard T. Kingsford; Brent Mefford
20098 Ecohydraulic flumes: are we taking full advantage of their potential for symmetrical interdisciplinary research?
Paul S. Kemp; Christos Katopodis
20099 Swimming performance of Arctic grayling (Thymallus arcticus Pallas) in an open-channel flume
Matt Blank; Erin Ryan; David R. Dockery; Kevin M. Kappenman
20100 Hydraulic design aspects of rock-weir fishways with notch for habitat connectivity
Adam Lewis; Katie Healey; Andrew Harwood; David Z. Zhu; Abul Basar M. Baki
20101 Implications of environmental conditions for health status and biomechanics of freshwater macrophytes in hydraulic laboratories
Stephen P. Rice; Davide Vettori
20102 Effect of instream logs on bank erosion potential: a flume study with a single log
Ian Rutherfurd; Marco Ghisalberti; Nuosha Zhang
20103 Effects of interlocked carpet ramps on upstream movement of brown trout Salmo trutta in an upland stream
C. N. Gibbins; K. Plesinski; A. Radecki-Pawlik

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