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Journal of Ecohydraulics 2020 Issue 2

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ID Title Authors Year
20104 Fish guidance structures: hydraulic performance and fish guidance efficiencies
Ismail Albayrak; Carl Robert Kriewitz-Byun; Blake P. Tullis; Robert M. Boes; Armin Peter
20105 A good start – but time for new leadership in the editorship of the Journal of Ecohydraulics
Paul S. Kemp; Christos Katopodis
20106 Improving survival: injury and mortality of fish struck by blades with slanted, blunt leading edges
Sterling M. Watson; Jenna Rackovan; Abraham D. Schneider; Stephen V. Amaral; Andrew Baumgartner
20107 Development and evaluation of an empirical equation for the screening effect of bar racks
Elena Pummer; Elena-Maria Klopries; Andreas Hoffmann; Anna Wilmink; Imke Bockmann; Holger Schuttrumpf
20108 Promoting safe fish passage across barriers: A Special Segment from Fish Passage 2020
No Authors
20109 Ichthyoplankton drift through fishway in large dam: effect of hydrology, seasonal patterns and larvae condition
Lucileine De Assumpcao; Patricia Sarai Da Silva; Sergio Makrakis; Maristela Cavicchioli Makrakis; Elaine Antoniassi Luiz Kashiwaqui; Leandro Fernandes Celestino; Joao Henrique Pinheiro Dias
20110 Do rearing salmonids predictably occupy physical microhabitat?
Paul M. Bratovich; Gregory B. Pasternack; Duane A. Massa; Peter J. Moniz; Loren W. Stearman
20111 A new framework for assessing roughness elements in promoting fish passage at low-head instream structures
John Montgomery; Cindy Baker; Dipendra Magaju; Heide Friedrich; Paul Franklin

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