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Journal of Ecohydraulics 2018 Issue 1

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20124 On upstream fish passage in standard box culverts: interactions between fish and turbulence
Hang Wang; Hubert Chanson
20125 Coupling Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and hydraulic surveys to study the geometry and spatial distribution of aquatic macrophytes
D. R. Green; K. Papadopoulos; S. Fraser; H. J. Biggs; C. N. Gibbins; D. M. Hicks; V. I. Nikora
20126 List of Reviewers 2016 – 2017
The Editorial Board
20127 Evaluating the performance of habitat models for predicting the environmental flow requirements of benthic macroinvertebrates
Anastasios Stamou; Aikaterini Vourka; Peter Rutschmann; Nikolaos Skoulikidis; Christos Theodoropoulos
20128 Challenges of integrating habitat for aquatic life and morphodynamics offer a plethora of opportunities for advances in Ecohydraulics
Christos Katopodis; Paul S. Kemp
20129 Effect of river confinement on depth and spatial extent of bed disturbance affecting salmon redds
Jonathan A. Czuba; Andrew S. Gendaszek; Christopher S. Magirl; Christopher P. Konrad; Christiana R. Czuba

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