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Journal of Ecohydraulics 2018 Issue 2

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20130 Numerical analysis of the compromise between power output and fish-friendliness in a vortex power plant
Dominique Thevenin; Olivier Cleynen; Stefan Hoerner; Stephanie Muller; Nils Lichtenberg
20131 The importance of a holistic ecohydraulics approach in advancing fish passage design
Paul S. Kemp; Christos Katopodis
20132 Upstream movement of river lamprey through a culvert retrofitted with spoiler baffles under experimental conditions
Andrew S. Vowles; Perikles Karageorgopoulos; Paul S. Kemp
20133 A new settling velocity equation for cohesive sediment based on experimental analysis
Bettina Bockelmann-Evans; Aisha Mhashhash; Shunqi Pan
20134 What is the right scale? Encouraging fruitful engagement for ecology with ecohydraulics
Jill Lancaster
20135 Sampling sufficiency for determining hydraulic habitat diversity
Christopher T. Robinson; Mario J. Franca; Walter Gostner; Severin Stahly; Anton J. Schleiss
20136 The importance of riparian plant orientation in river flow: implications for flow structures and drag
Richard J. Hardy; Richard J. Boothroyd; Jeff Warburton; Timothy I. Marjoribanks

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