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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2013 Issue 6

ID Title Authors Year
4481 Determination of the linear frequency response of single pipelines using persistent transient excitation: a numerical investigation
Jinzhe Gong; Angus R. Simpson; Martin F. Lambert; Aaron C. Zecchin
4482 Aerated flow characteristics of skimming flow over stepped chutes
Robert M. Boes; Jill Lucas; Willi H. Hager
4483 Closure to “Aerated flow characteristics of skimming flow over stepped chutes” by MASAYUKI TAKAHASHI and IWAO OHTSU J. Hydraulic Res. 50(4), 2012, 427–434
Masayuki Takahashi; Iwao Ohtsu
4484 Propagation of surge waves in channels with large-scale bank roughness
Hubert Chanson
4485 Closure to “Propagation of Surge Waves in Channels with Large-Scale Bank Roughness” by T. Meile, J-L. Boillat and A. J. Schleiss, J. Hydraulic Res. 51(2), 195–202.
Tobias Meile; Jean-Louis Boillat; Anton J. Schleiss

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