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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2013 Issue 5

ID Title Authors Year
4486 Coastal sediment dynamics: recent advances and future research needs
Leo C. Van Rijn Consultant; Jan S. Ribberink Associate Professor; Jebbe Van Der Werf Engineer; Dirk J.R. Walstra Senior Engineer
4487 Large-eddy simulation of turbulent open-channel flow over three-dimensional dunes
Zhihua Xie; Binliang Lin; Roger A. Falconer; Timothy B. Maddux
4488 A one-dimensional model of mixed cohesive and non-cohesive sediment transport in open channels
Qianru Lin; Weiming Wu
4489 A double layer-averaged model for dam-break flows over mobile bed
PhD Student Ji Li; Zhixian Cao Professor; Gareth Pender (IAHR Member), Professor; Qingquan Liu Professor
4490 Coupling between flow and sediment deposition in rectangular shallow reservoirs
Erica Camnasio (IAHR Member); Sebastien Erpicum (IAHR Member); Enrico Orsi (IAHR Member); Michel Pirotton (IAHR Member); Anton J. Schleiss (IAHR Member); Benjamin Dewals (IAHR Member)
4491 Raindrop and flow interactions for interrill erosion with wind-driven rain
Gunay Erpul Professor; Donald Gabriels Emeritus Professor; PhD L. Darrell Norton Research Soil Scientist (Retired); PhD Dennis C. Flanagan Research Agricultural Engineer; PhD Chi Hua Huang Research Soil Scientist; PhD Saskia Visser Researcher
4492 The effect of baffle spacing on hydrodynamics and solute transport in serpentine contact tanks
Dongjin Kim; Thorsten Stoesser; Jae-Hong Kim
4493 A drag force model to incorporate the reconfiguration of full-scale riparian trees under hydrodynamic loading
Peter Whittaker PhD Student; Catherine Wilson (IAHR Member), Senior Lecturer; Jochen Aberle (IAHR Member), Professor; Hans Peter Rauch Senior Lecturer; Patricia Xavier
4494 Flume experiments on entrainment of large wood in low-land rivers
Alessandra Crosato (IAHR Member); Nirja Rajbhandari; Francesco Comiti; Xavier Cherradi; Wim Uijttewaal (IAHR Member)
4495 Lagrangian analysis of bed-load sediment motion: database contribution
Jenny Campagnol; Alessio Radice; Roger Nokes; Victoriya Bulankina; Aleksandra Lescova; Francesco Ballio

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