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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2013 Issue 3

ID Title Authors Year
4511 Hydraulics of aerated flows: qui pro quo?
Hubert Chanson
4512 Analysis of the discharge capacity of radial-gated spillways using CFD and ANN – Oliana Dam case study
Fernando Salazar; Rafael Morán; Riccardo Rossi; Eugenio Oñate
4513 Interparticle arrival time analysis of bubble distributions in a dropshaft and hydraulic jump
Carlo Gualtieri; Hubert Chanson
4514 Experimental studies of air pocket movement in a pressurized spillway conduit
Ting Liu; James Yang
4515 The effect of time–frequency discretization on the accuracy of the transmission line modelling of fluid transients
Pedro J. Lee; Huan-Feng Duan; John P. Vítkovský; Aaron Zecchin; Mohamed Ghidaoui
4516 Modelling deltaic progradation constrained by a moving sediment source
Hsi-Heng Dai; Rocío Luz Fernandez; Gary Parker; Marcelo H. Garcia; Wonsuck Kim
4517 Modelling sedimentation–consolidation in the framework of a one-dimensional two-phase flow model
Julien Chauchat; Sylvain Guillou; Damien Pham Van Bang; Kim Dan Nguyen
4518 A cement-based method for fixing sand in laboratory channels
Mohsen Ebrahimi; Ana Maria Ferreira da Silva
4519 Bottom roller characteristics in cavity of chute aerators
Wu Jianhua; Ma Fei; Xu Weilin
4520 Non-intrusive detection of air–water surface roughness in self-aerated chute flows
Daniel B. Bung

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