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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2012 Issue 5

ID Title Authors Year
4568 Coherent structures in flow over hydraulic engineering surfaces
Ronald J. Adrian; Ivan Marusic
4569 Vortex organization in a turbulent boundary layer overlying sparse roughness elements
Michele Guala; Christopher D. Tomkins; Kenneth T. Christensen; Ronald J. Adrian
4570 Turbulence statistics in compound channels with deep and shallow overbank flows
Sibel Kara; Thorsten Stoesser; Terry W. Sturm
4571 A family of explicit algebraic models for Reynolds stresses and passive scalar fluxes
Martin Ferrand; Damien Violeau
4572 Experimental observation and modelling of roughness variation due to supply-limited sediment transport in uni-directional flow
Arjan P. Tuijnder; Jan S. Ribberink
4573 Predicting oxygen transfer efficiency at low-head gated sill structures
Adam M. Witt; John S. Gulliver
4574 Effect of air release height on the formation of sediment thermals in water
Bing Zhao; Adrian W.K. Law; E. Eric Adams; Dongdong Shao; Zhenhua Huang
4575 Regions of bars, meandering and braiding in da Silva and Yalin's plan
Kourosh Babaeyan-Koopaei
4576 Closure to “Regions of bars, meandering and braiding in da Silva and Yalin's plan”
Habib Ahmari; Ana Maria Ferreira Da Silva
4577 A 2D shallow flow model for practical dam-break simulation
Joe Sampson

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