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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2012 Issue 4

ID Title Authors Year
4579 Undular and breaking bores on fixed and movable gravel beds
Nazanin Khezri; Hubert Chanson
4580 Dam-break flows over mobile beds: experiments and benchmark tests for numerical models
Sandra Soares-Frazão; Ricardo Canelas; Zhixian Cao; Luis Cea; Hanif M. Chaudhry; Andres Die Moran; Kamal El Kadi; Rui Ferreira; Ignacio Fraga Cadórniga; Noemi Gonzalez-Ramirez; Massimo Greco; Wei Huang; Jasim Imran; Jérôme Le Coz; Reza Marsooli; André Paq
4581 Experimental investigation of reservoir geometry effect on dam-break flow
Atabak Feizi Khankandi; Ahmad Tahershamsi; Sandra Soares-Frazão
4582 Wave-induced kinematics inside submerged porous structures
Anastasios S. Metallinos; Constantine D. Memos
4583 Scour formation due to simultaneous circular impinging jet and wall jet
Mojtaba Mehraein; Masoud Ghodsian; Anton J. Schleiss
4584 Hydraulic design of A-type Piano Key Weirs
Marcelo Leite Ribeiro; Michael Pfister; Anton J. Schleiss; Jean-Louis Boillat
4585 Is the leak head–discharge relationship in polyethylene pipes a bijective function?
Christian Massari; Marco Ferrante; Bruno Brunone; Silvia Meniconi
4586 Turbulence measurements in spatially-varied flow with increasing discharge
Mehdi Khiadani (Hajian); Simon Beecham; Jaya Kandasamy
4587 Aerated flow characteristics of skimming flow over stepped chutes
Masayuki Takahashi; Iwao Ohtsu
4588 Experimental study of velocity fields in rectangular shallow reservoirs
Benjamin Dewals; Sebastien Erpicum; Pierre Archambeau; Michel Pirotton

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