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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2012 Issue 2

ID Title Authors Year
4610 Source term treatment of SWEs using surface gradient upwind method
Jaan Hui Pu; Nian-Sheng Cheng; Soon Keat Tan; Songdong Shao
4611 Finite volumes for 2D shallow-water flow with bed-load transport on unstructured grids
Alberto Serrano-Pacheco; Javier Murillo; Pilar Garcia-Navarro
4612 Comparative study of 1D and 2D flow simulations at open-channel junctions
Rabih Ghostine PhD; Jose Vazquez; Abdelali Terfous; Robert Mose; Abdellah Ghenaim
4613 Local scour at bridge abutments in cohesive soil
Mokhles M. Abou-Seida; Gamal H. Elsaeed; Tarek M. Mostafa; Elzahry F. Elzahry
4614 Deflector-jets affected by pre-aerated approach flow
Michael Pfister; Willi H. Hager
4615 Energy dissipation and flow characteristics of baffles and sills on stepped spillways
Hesham K. Zare; John C. Doering
4616 Temporal variation of vortex scour process around caisson piers
Gangarudraiah Veerappadevaru; Thimmaiah Gangadharaiah; Thirumalai Ramaswamyiyenger Jagadeesh
4617 A two-layer, shallow-water model for 3D gravity currents
Michele La Rocca; Claudia Adduce; Giampiero Sciortino; Allen Bateman Pinzon; Maria Antonietta Boniforti
4618 Effect of drop in pipe wall stiffness on water-hammer speed and attenuation
Fadi E. Hachem PhD; Anton J. Schleiss
4619 Transient vaporous cavitation in viscoelastic pipes
Alexandre K. Soares; Dídia I.C. Covas; Nelson J.G. Carriço

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