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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2019 Issue 6

ID Title Authors Year
4006 Non-hysteretic functional form of capillary pressure in porous media
William G. Gray; Kelsey Bruning; Cass T. Miller
4007 Bankfull Shields number versus slope and grain size
Matthew J. Czapiga; Brandon McElroy; Gary Parker
4008 Extended Engelund–Hansen type sediment transport relation for mixtures based on the sand-silt-bed Lower Yellow River, China
Kensuke Naito; Hongbo Ma; Jeffrey A. Nittrouer; Yuanfeng Zhang; Baosheng Wu; Yuanjian Wang; Xudong Fu; Gary Parker
4009 LES-DEM simulations of sediment saltation in a rough-wall turbulent boundary layer
Detian Liu; Xiaofeng Liu; Xudong Fu
4010 Sampling strategies to improve scaling parameter estimates in rivers
Bruce J. Macvicar; Alexander N. Sukhodolov
4011 Reynolds number effect on flow characteristics of surface single and twin jets
Mohammad S. Rahman; Mark F. Tachie
4012 Bedload and channel morphology along a braided, sand-bed channel: insights from a large flume
Robert Ettema; Dylan L. Armstrong
4013 Large-eddy simulation of the Mississippi River under base-flow condition: hydrodynamics of a natural diffluence-confluence region
Trung B. Le; Ali Khosronejad; Fotis Sotiropoulos; Nicole Bartelt; Solomon Woldeamlak; Petronella Dewall
4014 Development and performance of a 1D–2D coupled shallow water model for large river and lake networks
Kang Yu; Yongcan Chen; Dejun Zhu; Evan A. Variano; Junqiang Lin

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