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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2010 Issue 6

ID Title Authors Year
4791 New hydropower converters for very low-head differences
James Senior; Nicole Saenger; Gerald Müller
4792 River morphodynamics with creation/consumption of grain size stratigraphy 1: laboratory experiments
Enrica Viparelli; Robert Haydel; Martino Salvaro; Peter R. Wilcock; Gary Parker
4793 River morphodynamics with creation/consumption of grain size stratigraphy 2: numerical model
Enrica Viparelli; Octavio E. Sequeiros; Alessandro Cantelli; Peter R. Wilcock; Gary Parker
4794 Hydrodynamic instability of hyperconcentrated flows of the Yellow River
Yuchuan Bai; Haijue Xu
4795 Advances in sediment transport modelling
Scott C. James; Craig A. Jones; Matthew D. Grace; Jesse D. Roberts
4796 Sills and gabions as countermeasures at bridge pier in presence of debris accumulations
Stefano Pagliara; Iacopo Carnacina; Fabrizio Cigni
4797 Modelling vegetation effects in irregular meandering river
Xin Sun; Koji Shiono; Ponnambalam Rameshwaran; Jim H. Chandler
4798 Predicting near-field dam-break flow and impact force using a 3D model
Chen Yang; Binliang Lin; Chunbo Jiang; Ying Liu
4799 Physically-consistent wall boundary conditions for the k-ω turbulence model
David R. Fuhrman; Martin Dixen; Niels Gjøl Jacobsen
4800 Double-averaging turbulence characteristics in flows over a gravel bed
Sankar Sarkar; Subhasish Dey

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