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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2010 Issue 3

ID Title Authors Year
4864 An experimental study of mounds formed by dumping coarse sediment in channel flow
Faruk Bhuiyan; Nallamuthu Rajaratnam; David Z. Zhu
4865 Buoyant jets with three-dimensional trajectories
Gustaaf A. Kikkert; Mark J. Davidson; Roger I. Nokes
4866 Two-dimensional operator for bank failures induced by water-level rise in dam-break flows
C. Swartenbroekx; S. Soares-Frazão; R. Staquet; Y. Zech
4867 Regime relationships of alluvial canal with seepage
Bimlesh Kumar; Gopu Sreenivasulu; Achanta Ramakrishna Rao
4868 Flood debris filtering structure for urban storm water treatment
Jungseok Ho; Todd Marti; Julie Coonrod
4869 Stepped and smooth spillways: resistance effects on stilling basin lengths
André Luiz Andrade Simões MSc; Harry Edmar Schulz; Rodrigo De Melo Porto
4870 Air entrapped in gravity pipeline systems
Oscar Pozos; Carlos A. Gonzalez; Juergen Giesecke; Walter Marx; Eduardo A. Rodal
4871 Linear stability of the 1D Saint-Venant equations and drag parameterizations
Olivier Thual; Louis-Romain Plumerault; Dominique Astruc
4872 Unsteady friction and visco-elasticity in pipe fluid transients
Huan-Feng Duan; Mohamed Ghidaoui; Pedro J. Lee; Yeou-Koung Tung
4873 Experimental database for non-Newtonian flow in four channel shapes
Johan Burger; Rainer Haldenwang; Neil Alderman

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