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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2009 Issue 4

ID Title Authors Year
4952 Thermodynamic analysis of stream flow hydrodynamics
Professor William G. GRAY IAHR Membe; Professor Mohamed Salah Ghidaoui IAHR Member
4953 Analytical models for velocity distributions in open channel flows
Research Fellow Xiaonan Tang; Professor of Water Engineering Donald W. Knight IAHR Member
4954 Unsteady turbulent pipe flow due to water hammer using k–θ turbulence model
Alireza Riasi PhD Candidate; Professor Ahmad Nourbakhsh; Associate Professor Mehrdad Raisee
4955 Friction coefficient for oscillatory flow: the rough–smooth turbulent transition
Francisco Pedocchi IAHR Member PhD Candidate; Professor Marcelo H. Garcia IAHR Member
4956 Impact of stem flexibility on mean flow and turbulence structure in depth-limited open channel flows with submerged vegetation
Post Doctoral Research Fellow Wonjun Yang IAHR Member; Professor Sung-Uk Choi IAHR Member
4957 Nondimensional parameters of depth-averaged gravity flow models
Heqing Huang IAHR Member; Jasim Imran IAHR Member; Carlos Pirmez
4958 Deflector-generated jets
Dr. sc. ETH Michael Pfister IAHR Member; Prof. Dr. Willi H. Hager IAHR Member
4959 Modeling of non-breaking and breaking solitary wave run-up using FORCE-MUSCL scheme
Graduate Student Ali Mahdavi; Professor Nasser Talebbeydokhti
4960 Free-surface stretching-sustained intake vortices
Assistant Professor Rupp Carriveau; Professor, Director Gregory A. Kopp; Raouf E. Baddour
4961 Settling behavior of fine-grained materials in flocs
Research Professor Jong-Woo Kim; Professor Franz Nestmann

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