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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2009 Issue 3

ID Title Authors Year
4969 Large eddy simulation of sediment transport in open-channel flow
Patryk Widera; Professor Erik Toorman; Professor Chris Lacor
4970 Journal of Hydraulic Research Vol. 47, No. 3 (2009), pp. 299–310
Associate Professor Andrea Balzano IAHR Membe; Assistant Water Engineer Elisabetta Torricelli
4971 Leak detection in pipelines by inverse backward transient analysis
Assistant Professor Hamid Shamloo; Ali Haghighi PhD Candidate
4972 Stream power criterion and design of sand bed channels at incipient motion
Professor Achanta Ramakrishna Rao; Research Scholar Gopu Sreenivasulu
4973 A quelle vitesse et sur quelle distance des conditions aux limites variables affectent-elles la morphodynamique des rivières?
Giacomo Fasolato; Paolo Ronco; Giampaolo Di Silvio IAHR Member
4974 Sediment management by jets and turbidity currents with application to a reservoir for flood and pollution control in Chicago, Illinois
Graduate Research Student Octavio E. Sequeiros IAHR Member; Post-Doctoral Researcher Mariano I. Cantero IAHR Member; hester and Helen Siess Professor, and Director Marcelo H. Garcia IAHR Member
4975 Experimental and numerical investigations of dike-break induced flows
Sebastian Roger; Benjamin J. Dewals IAHR Member; Sébastien Erpicum; Dirk Schwanenberg IAHR Member; Holger Schüttrumpf IAHR Member; Jürgen Köngeter IAHR Member; Michel Pirotton IAHR Member
4976 Bed erosion in steep open channels
Roman B. Weichert; Gian Reto Bezzola; Hans-Erwin Minor
4977 A reliability-based assessment of bridge pier scour in non-uniform sediments
Professor Mohammad Muzzammil; Assistant Professor Nadeem A. Siddiqui
4978 Discussions
Professor Aronne Armanini

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