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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2019 Issue 5

ID Title Authors Year
4015 A topology-alterative two-phase flow solver and its validation for a dynamic hydraulic discharge process
Yao Lu; Xiaohui Su; Junjie Li
4016 Three-dimensional simulation of full load instability in Francis turbines
Denis V. Chirkov; Sergey G. Cherny; Pavel K. Shcherbakov; Vladimir A. Skorospelov; Alexander V. Zakharov
4017 Measurement of fill level and effects of overflow in power-generating Archimedes screws
Kathleen J. Songin; William D. Lubitz
4018 Steady supercritical flow in a straight-wall open-channel contraction
Khaled Abdo; Cyrus K. Riahi-Nezhad; Jasim Imran
4019 Numerical modelling of open channel junctions using the Riemann problem approach
Mohamed Elshobaki; Alessandro Valiani; Valerio Caleffi
4020 Swing gate generated dam-break waves
Jacob Stolle; Behnaz Ghodoosipour; Caren Derschum; Ioan Nistor; Emil Petriu; Nils Goseberg
4021 Statistical analysis methods for transient flows – the dam-break case
Rui Aleixo; Sandra Soares-Frazão; Yves Zech
4022 Comparative study on calculation methods of dam-break wave
Shaolin Yang; Wanli Yang; Shunquan Qin; Qiao Li
4023 Identification of the optimal control characteristics of a small hydropower plant using artificial neural networks and the support vector machines method
Dariusz Borkowski
4024 Supercritical flow in bend with variable curvature radius
Zhong Tian; Can Ding; Wei Wang; Chun-Ni Zhang

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