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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2008 Issue 6

ID Title Authors Year
5019 Experimental and numerical modeling of symmetrical four-branch supercritical
Emmanuel Mignot; André Paquier; Nicolas Rivière
5020 Numerical computation of the flow in hydraulic jump stilling basins
R.F. Carvalho; C.M. Lemos; C.M. Ramos
5021 Analytical treatment of source terms for complex channel geometry
Leonardo Schippa; Sara Pavan
5022 Effects of varying submergence and channel width on local scour by plane turbulent wall jets
Alex Bey; M.A.A. Faruque; Ram Balachandar
5023 Erosion resistance of cohesive soils
Tarek Salaheldin Mostafa; Jasim Imran; Mr. M. Hanif Chaudhry; Mrs. Irwin B. Kahn
5024 The front condition for intrusive gravity currents
Roger I. Nokes; Mark J. Davidson; Charlotte A. Stepien; William B. Veale; Rowan L. Oliver
5025 Effect of bed dunes on spatial development of open-channel flow
Athanassios A. Dimas; Nikolaos Th. Fourniotis; Andreas P. Vouros; Alexander C. Demetracopoulos
5026 A study of the effects of the longitudinal arrangement sediment behavior near intake structures
Hojjat Allahyonesi; Mohhamad Hossein Omid; Amir Hamzeh Haghiabi
5027 Flow induced by a turbulent jet under random waves
Barryying-Fan Tam; Chi-Wai Li
5028 Vapor cavity collapse downstream from orifice plates
Nathan Q. Smith; Michael C. Johnson; Steven L. Barfuss

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