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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2007 Issue 5

ID Title Authors Year
5131 The floods in Bari: What history should have taught
Michele Mossa PhD
5132 Three–dimensional computation of turbulent flow in meandering channels and rivers
V.T.H. Nguyen; F. Nestmann; H. Scheuerlein
5133 Three-dimensional numerical simulation of solute transport in a meandering self-formed river channel
C.A.M.E. Wilson; I. Guymer; J.B. Boxall; N.R.B. Olsen
5134 Modeling and scaling of aeration bubble plumes: A two-phase flow analysis
F.A. Bombardelli; G.C. Buscaglia; C.R. Rehmann; L.E. Rincón; M.H. García
5135 3D SPH Simulation of large waves mitigation with a dike
A.J.C. Crespo; M. Gómez-Gesteira; R.A. Dalrymple
5136 Leak location in pipelines using the impulse response function
Pedro J. Lee; John P. Vítkovský; Martin F. Lambert; Angus R. Simpson; James Liggett
5137 Laboratory tests on self-excitation of concentration fluctuations in slurry pipelines
A.M. Talmon; L. Aanen; R. Bakker-Vos
5138 Pressure fluctuations and gravel entrainment in rivers
G.M. Smart; H.M. Habersack
5139 Prototype measurements of pressure fluctuations in The Dalles Dam stilling basin
Zhiqun Deng; Gregory R. Guensch; Marshall C. Richmond; Mark A. Weiland; Thomas J. Carlson
5140 Air–water interface dynamic and free surface features in hydraulic jumps
F. Murzyn; D. Mouazé; J.R. Chaplin

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