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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2019 Issue 4

ID Title Authors Year
4028 Modelling sediment transport in three-phase surface water systems
Cass T. Miller; William G. Gray; Christopher E. Kees; Iryna V. Rybak; Brittany J. Shepherd
4029 Bed particle dynamics at entrainment
Matthew J. Witz; Stuart Cameron; Vladimir Nikora
4030 Numerical estimation of air core length in two-phase free surface vortex
Soo-Hwang Ahn; Yexiang Xiao; Zhengwei Wang; Hongying Luo; Yongyao Luo
4031 Application of optical flow methods to aerated skimming flows above triangular and trapezoidal step cavities
Gangfu Zhang; Hubert Chanson
4032 Quantifying propagation characteristics of unconfined turbidity currents interacting with an obstacle within the slumping regime
Richard I Wilson; Heide Friedrich; Craig Stevens
4033 General model for stage–discharge prediction in multi-stage compound channels
Gang Chen; Shaoxi Zhao; Wenxin Huai; Shixiang Gu
4034 Supercritical flow in junction manholes under invert- and obvert-aligned set-ups
Gaetano Crispino; Michael Pfister; Corrado Gisonni
4035 An improved model for the tangential velocity distribution in strong free-surface vortices: an experimental and theoretical study
Sean Mulligan; Leo Creedon; John Casserly; Richard Sherlock
4036 A simple model for simulation of reservoir stratification
Roohollah Noori; Nasibeh Asadi; Zhiqiang Deng
4037 Effect of a second layer on the time to failure of compressed riprap as mountain riverbank protection
Mona Jafarnejad; Mário J. Franca; Michael Pfister; Anton J. Schleiss

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