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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2007 Issue 2

ID Title Authors Year
5178 A Boltzmann-based finite volume algorithm for surface water flows on cells of arbitrary shapes
J.H. Liang; M.S. Ghidaoui; J.Q. Deng; W.G. Gray
5179 A multidimensional two-phase flow model for the total dissolved gas downstream of spillways
Marcela S. Politano; Pablo M. Carrica; Cagri Turan; Larry Weber
5180 Comparison between the two-component pressure approach and current transient flow solvers
Jose G. Vasconcelos; Steven J. Wright
5181 Mathematical models of blood flow in the arterial network
Sebastiano Nicosia; Giuseppe Pezzinga
5182 Comparison of modelling approaches used in practical flood extent modelling
M.G.F. Werner; M.F. Lambert
5183 Velocity and turbulence field around permeable structure: Comparisons between laboratory and numerical experiments
H.C. Chan; J.M. Leu; C.J. Lai
5184 Three-dimensional numerical simulation of flow around stream deflectors: The effect of obstruction angle and length
Timothy W Haltigin; Pascal M Biron; Michel F Lapointe
5185 Wave-induced boundary layer flows over a flat and rippled bed
Yann Ourmiéres; Dominique Mouazé
5186 Simulation of solute transport under oscillating groundwater flow in homogeneous aquifers
Amro M.M. Elfeki; Gerard J.M. Uffink; Sophie Lebreton
5187 The surf zone distortion of beach profiles in small–scale coastal models
G. Ranieri

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